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Places to Visit In and Around Sorsogon Province

Astillero of Donsol or shipyard of Donsol is located in Barangay Dancalan, just across the Donsol wharf. It was once a thriving shipyard during the time of the Spaniards. It was also once a metalworks factory or smelting shop. Once upon a time in the past, Donsol was populated by expert metalworkers and smelters. The name Donsol itself is an old Bikol word for "anvil" and the name Dancalan refers to the Dancalan Tree, a hardwood tree preferred by shipbuilders for the construction of those magnificent Spanish galleons, frigates and lorchas.

Bagatao Island (above) is located just at the mouth of Sorsogon Bay in Magallanes. It is reputed to be the biggest Spanish shipyard in the whole Bicol Region during the Spanish times where some of the biggest and most magnificent galleons were constructed. Unfortunately, there are no more traces of its glorious past as a shipyard. The island is now merely a picnic island and a naval reservation with a lighthouse.

Barcelona Church The old Barcelona Church, built in the 19th century by the Spanish colonizers, is perhaps the most well-preserved old church in the entire province. The thick stone walls of the church, including its bell tower, are the original walls. Fronting the church, facing the sea, are the ruins of a stone structure that was then known as the casa tribunal and baluarte, or fort, and a schoolhouse made entirely of stones. Old folks also say that the place was called Barcelona by the homesick Spaniards because the places topography reminded them of Barcelona of Spain.


Beaches of Sta Magdalena are worth visiting. There are cottages for rent in Olango Beach and also in Balading. Buses go regularly to Sta Magdalena.


1.  Bucal Bucalan Rest Area, 2.  Fishermen in Rizal Beach 3.  Mayon Volcano 

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