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Kasanggayahan Festival is a premier festival of the province of Sorsogon, Kasanggayahan is held every last two weeks of October each year. It commemorates the foundation of Sorsogon as a province of Bicol. It features the Pantomina sa Tinampo, or the dancing of the Pantomina (Dance of the Doves) in the streets of Sorsogon City. (picture "borrowed" from a blogger)

The Pili Festival is held every last week of June each year in Sorsogon City.  The festival celebrates the Pili Tree and its numerous products which is why it is dubbed “The Majestic Tree of Sorsogon”.  The festival features a week-long series of cultural activities, product exhibits, and culminating with the inimitable Pili Street Dance. (pictures "borrowed" from a blogger.)

 Semana Santa is celebrated with colourful and solemn processions, Holy Masses, Visita Iglesia, "Pasyon" in private houses, the Washing of the Feet, and culminates on Resurrection Sunday. The pictures below were taken in Spain from where we have taken most of our Holy Week traditions, like these two elaborate carosas.

Semana Santa in Sevilla, Spain


Topmost Pictures :  Hotel Staff Yearly Outing in Buenavista Beach

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