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Places to Visit In and Around Sorsogon Province

Botong Twin Falls located in the mountainous part of Osiao, Bacon, Sorsogon. The falls has two sources of water – fresh and suphuric thus the name. The water falls 30 meters onto a man-made lagoon and eventually finds its way to the Osiao River. Ideal for picnics or just enjoying God’s creation. The area is operated by the PNOC-Bacman Geothermal Production Field and one needs permission to enter.

Bucal-Bucalan Highway Rest Area is a good place to rest a while from a long journey. The rest areas affords the weary traveler a refreshing view of Sorsogon Bay, with Mt. Bulusan looming in the distance. The rest area itself offers a landscaped mini-park, with restrooms complete with a view deck.

Bulusan Volcano is a favourite of mountain climbers and nature lovers. Itis 5,077 feet above sea level and has been declared a National Park. There can be found along its slopes hundreds of different kinds of trees, species of shrubs, vines, giant ferns, rare orchids and lovely wild flowers. This is the view of the volcano from the Penthouse of the Mercedes Hotel.

Bulusan Lake lies at the heart of the National Park which covers an area of more than 3,000 hectares. Some picnic shades are provided and the hike around the edge of the lake, which takes about an hour, is a most delightful nature walk.

Bulus spring of Irosin springs out from obscure fissures and is located at the foot of Mount Bulusan. The water is clear and cool. It springs have the coolest and clearest water ever found in the region.

Cagsawa Ruins in Albay The belfry is the only part of the Cagsawa Church standing as mute testimony to the enormous destructive power of Mayon. In 1814 some 1,200 people sought sanctuary in this church thinking they would be saved from the fury of the erupting volcano. All of them died.


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