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Places to Visit In and Around Sorsogon Province



Sorsogon Provincial High School This is an old picture of the school before it burned down this year 2014.  Loida Nicolas promised to help rebuild the school.  This school is where most of Sorsogon’s prominent personalities studied and graduated. The old main building, which was located at the corner of the intersection going to Bacon District and to Gubat town, retained its original architectural design when it was constructed sometime in 1908. During the Japanese occupation of the Province, the building was used to incarcerate captured Filipino guerillas by the Japanese. We hope that Mrs Nicolas will insist that it retains its original design.

Tulong Gapo Beach in Bacon literally it means three stones. It offers a long stretch of fine white sand beach complete with beachside cottages (below) made of native materials that are ideal for picnics. It is a wonderful place to swim, picnic or just beach combing for shiny conch shells.

Whale Sharks or butanding as it is locally known are found in the waters off Donsol, Pilar, Castilla and Magallanes. These gentle giants can be seen during the months of February to May. For those who wish to cavort with these big fish, it could very well be the experience of a lifetime.

White Sand Beaches of Matnog Island hopping is a must when in Matnog, with its postcard-pretty little islands featuring fine white, black, pink sand beaches, blue skies, clear turquoise waters, waterfalls and privacy. One can hire a motorized banca, which are usually berthed at the Matnog Ferry Terminal, and you can hop from Tikling to Juag or Subic to Calintaan. Tikling Island, which is the nearest, offers fine white sand and one can also beachcomb for rare shell finds. Calintaan Island, features huge underwater caves populated by giant bats. Juag Island is good for swimming and sunbathing, while Subic is perhaps the only beach anywhere that features a fine pink sand beach, which is why it is now sometimes called, "La Playa Rosa" These islands are excellent dive sites and deep sea sport fishing.

Top Pictures are all from Buenavista Beach

Matnog photo culled from the internet


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