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Places to Visit In and Around Sorsogon Province

Namual Waterfalls of Casiguran One of its kind! Surrounded by different kinds of wild flowering plants and a delightful place to be. Casiguran is 19 klm from Sorsogon City.

Pagol Beach On the way to Sawanga, don’t miss the left turn to Pagol Beach. The place is almost invisible but as soon as you get there, a little piece of white beach covered with swept corals is a nice place for swimming and for a short rest.


Paguriran Island Just off the excellent white beaches of Barangay Buenavista in Bacon District, the little island can be reached by motorized banca, either from the Bacon District center which will take about 40 minutes ride, or from Buenavista itself, shown here below) which will take just 20 minutes. The island itself is very picturesque, with a kind of lagoon at its center with the earth and craggy rock wall enclosing it, jutting upwards, much like a volcano crater. In the past, the lagoon used to be a sanctuary for giant sea turtles or pawikan. Residents say there are plans to restore the pawikan sanctuary. At present, the waters surrounding the island is Bacon’s marine sanctuary.  

Palogtok Falls It is a pleasant, leisurely 20-minute walk through rolling hills carpeted with green grass, under a canopy of tall coconut trees, as one steps off the Bulusan road down to the place. At the site, one finds a man-made earthen swimming pool where the gurgling water flows from just a few feet up the hillside. It is actually just a mini-falls, but the cool spring water is sweet, refreshing and bracing. Available alongside the pool are picnic cottages.

Panlatuan Ruins Panlatuan, in Pilar town, is another Spanish Astillero or shipyard, and presumably, another metalworks factory, similar to that of Dancalan in Donsol, although smaller in scale. Documented historical accounts show that it was here where the revolt of the Sorsogon people against Spain started. From here revolutionary activities rapidly spread throughout the province, forcing the Spaniards to hastily abandon the province and the rest of the Bicol Region.

 All Pictures are from Buenavista


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