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Places to Visit In and Around Sorsogon Province

Mapaso Spring of Irosin Mapaso means hot. The mineral (soda) water is believed to have health benefits. It is a place noted for its beautiful sceneries. The falling water on one side emits a thin mist of smoke and to one side is an open space which serves as the bathing area.where one can soak in the volcanic spring water. The spring water is soothing and relaxing to the body. It is also believed to banish many types of skin problems. Available around the pool are picnic cottages.

Masacrot Spring is a man-made pool with bubbling, cool and clear natural soda water. Cottages are available at affordable rates. The water here is believed to be medicinal or curative.

Mateo Hot and Cold Springs ResortLocated in Barangay Monbon, Municipality of Irosin, the resort, which has dormitory-type accommodations, including poolside picnic cottages, shower and dressing rooms, features swimming pools with hot to tepid water, and cold spring water. Soaking in the hot water pool is soothing and relaxing, and is believed medicinal. The hot spring water flows from the Bulusan Volcano since the resort is located at its foot.

Mayon Volcano is a beautiful symmetrical volcano, which rises to 2462 m above the Albay Gulf, and is the Philippines' most active volcano. The structurally simple volcano has steep upper slopes averaging 35-40 degrees that are capped by a small summit crater. Mayon's most violent eruption, in 1814, killed more than 1200 people and devastated several towns.

Nagsurok Cave is so named because one literally has to crawl, or "surok", on all fours to get into the interior of the cave. The entrance into the cave allows only one person at a time, who must crawl in feet and butt first because the entrance slides down, ramp-like. But it is cavernous inside, with an underground river that snakes through the whole long length of the cave. There are other caves in the other adjacent towns. These caves are just waiting to be explored. That is our adventurous Manny Ferrer about to back crawl or "surok" down the cave.

All three pictures above are from Buenavista, Bacon


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