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Old Hotels of Sorsogon

The Sorsogon International Hotel (below) was a lovely old world structure with balconies overlooking Sorsogon Bay, the Plaza Bonifacio and the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul. There were shops on the ground floor like a sewing school. We have no clue as to who owned and operated the hotel.  It was located in the corner of Magsaysay Street and Rizal Street. A  building, housing a department store,  owned by the Duanas now stands in that corner. This picture was taken during the wedding reception of our parents in July 1938.

The Times Hotel and Restaurant was a small family hotel ran by the Berenguers with very modest accommodations, big rooms but no frills.  The restaurant on the ground floor was operated by a lessee. This building was gutted during the big fire of Sorsogon town in the early 70s. This building was located in Magsaysay Street and close to the corner of Rizal Street.

The Riverside Hotel by Alice Bridge or Salog as it is popularly called.  It was a very simple, humble establishment for merchants, travelling salesmen, and the odd tourist before it was converted into a hardware store.  The hotel was owned and operated by the Berenguers. It was also gutted by fire during the big conflagration in Sorsogon in the early 70s. In its place is a bank.  The Alice Bridge above as it looked in the 50s.


Inauguration of Alice Bridge as it looked then.  The bridge was inaugurated by Alice Roosevelt.  Very few Sorsogueños know it is called Alice Bridge as we have just all known this as Salog to this day. (Picture culled from the internet.)  

In the 40s and 50s this lovely wooden structure served as both a residence of the Diño Family and a hotel that they operated.  Fe Diño, the matriarch, was a really good cook and they used to have many children's parties in that house.  One time or the other the children of Sorsogon town went to that house to partake of fun, good food and chatter.  Dalisay Hotel stands where it has always been - in Peralta Street (formerly Prieto Street).


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