Hotel Mercedes Country Lodge


The Facilities on the Hotel Premises ***


BREAKFAST- Order your breakfast from the front desk - Tapsilog or pancakes with your morning cup of steaming hot coffee. Just please order the night before so that you can have your breakfast at the time you want it. Breakfast is not included in the rates of your room so you have to settle the bill with the front desk.


FRONT DESK KIOSK gives you the opportunity to buy water, soft drinks, coffee, tea, candy bars, chippies or noodles.  Coffee is always available and the cost is very minimal.


BISTRO VIDA  used  to be a hole in the wall sidewalk cafe.  Now you can buy your PowerLotto, SuperLotto, MegaLotto in this place as it has been converted into a Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Lotto agency.  You can even scratch out a million pesos from the Money Tree if you are lucky.  Having the lotto booth just on the ground floor of the hotel will ensure you will not miss betting on your favourite tips or lucky numbers or if you are in a hurry - a lucky pick will do.  You can also order breakfast or merienda like pancakes, tapsilog, ramen, hamburger, etc. Just ask the receptionist to help you.


GOOD SHOT BILLIARDS, CAFE AND BEER GARDEN is a fun place to be. You can test your skills at billiards with the locals or just sit in one of the comfortable chairs while watching a mini impromptu tournament. If you want to relax with friends and family, try sitting under their big tent for that al fresco feeling.  Try their barbecue and other pica pica with your favourite brand of beer.  The music is good and it is just the right volume so you can also have a conversation


IHAW-IHAW is a cozy little place where you can eat for very reasonable price, grilled meats, chicken and fish. Located in Rizal Street just beside the billiard hall. 


*** Except for the Front Desk Kiosk, all of the above facilities are privately owned establishments and Mercedes Country Lodge is not responsible for  their goods and services.

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