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Posted by Island Girl Traveller on Sep 24, 2012


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Dona Mercedes Country Lodge is one of those hotels which looks old and boring outside but nice and comfortable inside.       Located in the heart of Sorsogon City.  A five minute walk from Savemore Supermarket down to V. L. Peralta St., Bargy Talisay, Sorsogon City. Itís a two Storey, old, yet well-maintained and clean hostel built in 1968. The building is antique, the grills are quite rusty, the style is obsolete, the architeture is of old time and the floor color is fading. Never the less the staff maintains the cleanliness and coziness of the rooms.     The hotel is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city. The bars and restaurants around it spoils the area. But once you get inside the room, the noise is at its minimal. The videoke kings and queens usually quit sometime between midnight until 3 am.     I arrived at around 7pm in the city. Tired and worn out from my journey up from Bulusan.  But when I saw the sign on the reception desk giving a 50% at Midnight, I took advantage of it. The friendly staff let me stay in the lobby and watch television. I patiently waited until I checked in at 12 midnight.     


DoŮa Mercedes Hostel  has a surprisingly feeling like coming home. Maybe because of the warm ambiance of friendly staff just of my age. They shared laughter and jokes with me. The floor might look faded red color and the building is obviously old, but each room is wide and comfy.      I chose the ordinary fan room. The shared bathroom was clean and there ainít any problem. The ventilation inside the room was excellent. I donít only look for a cheaper price, but also be comfortable and safe, and this hotel passes all the criteria. For backpackers, this is a good one.      My dinner was free, the best thing that happened to me that day. I ate it on their wooden table. I think this hotel looked gorgeous in previous times.It still does. The furniture is made of solid wood, I canít tell what kind of wood but it gives the place an antique sophisticated atmosphere.      There is no free wifi connection however and bath towels, clean bed sheets and bath soap are provided. Gadget Charging is also free of charge. I am so prudent about these things because in some hostels, they extra charge, something that kind of rips the travellers off.      I couldnít sleep on my first night. I still had an adrenaline rush that I couldnít explain. The city seemed to be lively, and after Iíve been to the quiet town of Bulusan for few days where people sleeps at 7pm, I felt I needed to adapt a different environment.      But thanks to the nice and spacious homey room, I felt relaxed and slept 6 hours today. Not so complete but well rested.

How to get to there:   Jump off the bus at the city proper, preferrably near the catholic church, from there walk straight going to Peralta St. This is just in front of LCC Supermarket. Youíll see the green sign. Might seem nobodyís inside, just press the doorbell, the Lobby is located on the 2nd floor. The friendly young staffs await you. Peak season is during June- October when they celebrate their festivals.



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The mellow city of Sorsogon is at the end of a shallow muddy bay at the southern end of the Bicol province in southern Luzon. It could be a staging point to get to Donsol, the popular whaleshark watching town about 2 hours away by local transport.  There are a few expensive places to stay for around 1,500 pesos but I found the Dona Mercedes Country Lodge to be the best value with single rooms going for 250 pesos.




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"Very friendly and helpful staff" In the city centre of Sorsogon Ė Ricky (I think the owner) is very nice but the staff is even nicer. I got great directions, free mangoes from the garden and a lot of free stories and tales. The rooms are basic but clean. I stayed in a non-aircon comfortable room and I liked it a lot (room across from the reception desk). It is not a fancy hotel but I felt at home. Talk to them, show an interest and they will help you out where they can. Try the restaurant across from the hotel Ė The Kare kare is delicious! As a solo traveller, take the room across the reception desk, it has an open feeling. Do not stay in the 202, that was my room the first day and it feels smaller than it is.Ē (ElisaBae) Reviewed 11 May 2014




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Last February 2014, we stayed at their Executive Room (Room 305), the only airconditioned room in the hotel with ensuite toilet and bath with heated shower. It also has an LCD TV and free WiFi Internet access. At P800.00 per night for single occupancy and P900.00 per night for double occupancy, the executive room which provides your basic needs in an accommodation is a great deal!Overall, Mercedes Country Lodge is ideal for travellers who are looking for value-for-money accommodation in Sorsogon City. Due to its affordability, Mercedes Country Lodge is fully booked most of the time. To secure a room, we recommend that you make a reservation by phone or email. Ramil de los Reyes



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